• contact by phone and or mail with questionnaire

  • explanation housing options and areas

  • pick up at airport or station

  • welcome-pack

  • guided tour

  • accompanied tour preselected properties

  • assistance with lease negotiations

  • property check in and inventory verification

  • assistance with opening bank account

  • assistance with health insurance

  • assistance with connection of utilities (electricity, gaz, water, internet, tv, phone, etc)

  • registration cityhall

  • map with lists of available shops, pharmacies, medical centres, leisure activities, public transport, and local information, linked at the neighborhood.

Expat Essentials
Expat & Spouse
  • all aspects of Expat Essentials pack

  • questionnaire on leisure interests of spouse

  • research on leisure possibilities in the chosen neighbourhood

  • employment mentoring spouse

  • guidance to leisure activities (sports, hobbies, daytrips, etc.)

  • guidance to social and cultural activities (e.g. expat-partner groups, festivals, events, etc.)

In case of bringing your spouse with you, there is a nice service package for both of you!

Expat & Family
  • all aspects of Expat & Spouse pack (incl. Expat Essentials)

  • school research based on questionaire

  • explanation Belgian schoolsystem

  • accompanied schooltour

  • guidance to leisure activities for children

Besides your partner, you also can bring your child(ren) with you. Then this package can be the perfect match for you!