With "Irasshai" you can order three kinds of service packages: Basics, Specials or Tailormade.

The Basics are service packages with all the basic needs for expats to start a new life in Belgium. The Specials are more detailed packages that contains specific answers to specific needs e.g. school, prospection, temporary stay, etc. Finally you can choose a Tailor-made package in which you can combine several services that answer your needs.

Each package has  a total service: clear answers and advice on daily issues (e.g. how to sort garbage, where to find an English speaking general practicioner, etc.) and an ongoing support during six months.

  • Prospection

  • Temporary Stay

  • Housing

  • Daily Life

  • Spouse

  • Children

  • Departure

As a trainee, artist or other visitor, you might not need expat packages. In that case, why not compose your own package! Choose the components that matches your wishes!