Irasshai, myself and the Nobel Prize...

First I sincerely want to congratulate Japan and Mr. Ohsumi Yoshinori with the received Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicin 2016. This is already the 25th Nobel Prize awarded to a Japanese person! So also for that fact, I applaud!

Ohsumi Yoshinori

But, what can be the link with "Irasshai" and myself. In fact there is no direct link, but there are some interesting facts although...

Christian de Duve

The discovery and elucidation of mechanisms underlying autophagy (a fundamental process for degrading and recycling cellular components) led Ohsumi Yoshinori to be the laureate of the Nobel Prize. But to do research on autophagy, autophagy has to be discovered first. To know more about autophagy, we have to go back to the seventies. A scientist Christian de Duve analysed cellular content and discovered the lysosome. With that discovery, he coined the term "autophagy". For scientific details on those "self-eating" vesicles I suggest you to consult more scientific websites. The point I want to make is that in those two discoveries the bound between Belgium and Japan is confirmed one more time. After all, Ohsumi Yoshinori has built his work on the other former Nobel Prize Laureate Christian de Duve, a Belgian scientist! This beautifull coöperation over several years is a perfect illustration of the good intellectual understanding between the two countries. "Irasshai" also wants to underline the good bound between Belgium and Japan.

Besides that, I also found a very small link between me and Mr. Ohsumi Yoshinori. Both of us have relatives and family coming from Fukuoka! Ohsumi Yoshinori is born in Fukuoka, four years after my father was.

Anyway, congratulations!

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