Irasshai, myself and Japan(ese language)

Speaking Japanese is not easy for a native Dutch speaking person. For Irasshai, it 's a necessity to speak Japanese at a certain level. It isn't so that I don't speak Japanese at all, but it certainly can be brushed up ... More than ten years ago, I started studying fulltime Japanese language and culture at the University of Ghent. At that time, I was 33 years old, working as a lector and our third child was about to be born. In my third bachelor year, I decided to quit the study, in order to give my work and familylife priority. My passion for Japanese language however, made me go to Japanese language classes at an Adult language school in Ghent in 2014. I'm still following those classes, but it doesn't give me enough confidence to speak Japanese fluently.

This week I took a decision. The best way in my opinion, to brush up conversation skills in a foreign language, is to stay for a period in the country where they speak that language... A stay in Japan could be a solution. After some research through the internet and some talks with friends, I found ESL. With ESL I discovered the Genki Japanese Language School. One of the nice things on that school is the fact that they have a school in Fukuoka, the city where my father was born and thus near the place my family lives. With the dedicaded support of my fantastic wife and children, I booked a Japanese conversation course during 11 weeks, in Fukuoka. I think it will be a very exciting 3 months, living in Japan, living in Fukuoka. I have never been that close to my fathers early years as I will be within a few weeks...

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