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It’s been a while since I wrote a new blog. I had my good reasons for this. I was brushing up my Japanese language skills in Japan. Although Japanese expats speak English, it is a small kind of respect to speak their mother tongue at a minimum level. The best way they say, to learn a language, is to spend some time in the country itself. That is what I did during three months. I chose to study Japanese in Fukuoka at GenkiJACS.

My decision to follow Japanese Language courses at GenkiJACS Fukuoka had several reasons. I wanted to live in a big, lively city but not in a crowded city as Tokyo. Besides that I chose GenkiJACS Fukuoka because they work with small class groups. Since I have family living in Saga-ken (next to Fukuoka-ken), Fukuoka was also a good choice for me.

It was a small risk to set my job for 3 months on hold and to leave my family behind for such a period. It had to give me enough added value and give me enough satisfaction to convince me and my family that I took a good decision. Well, I can assure you, I am very glad that I took this chance.

GenkiJACS Fukuoka is a fantastic school. I experienced a school where knowledge, flexibility, professionalism, kindness, hospitality, helpfulness and competences went hand in hand in harmony.

I started on Monday 16th of January (at GenkiJACS, you can start every Monday). I was received and welcomed very warmly by the staff. After an interview to scale me in the right classgroup with the right level (very tailor-made!) I could immediately start with the courses.

The classes have a maximum of 8 students. I experienced this as a very big advantage. Small classes give you more chance to speak and to learn. You get to know your classmates better that way also.

The teachers I had were all very professional and they always found a very interactive, creative and qualitative way to make us learn the grammar and vocabulary. The teachers were also very friendly and approachable. They were always willing to answer questions, give advice and help you with every problem you can have.

Since I wanted to improve my conversation skills, I took extra conversation classes. During a certain period, I was the only student at my level who took those conversation courses. Even then they organized private lessons for me in which I could bring on topics myself to talk about during the class!

GenkiJACS also gives you the chance to taste the Japanese culture. They organize culture classes and besides that you can join extra activities in the city. E.g. when there is a national holiday during your course, the school is closed. But to compensate that you can freely join a cultural activity. I for instance, had the chance to visit Akizuki for free (bus trip and lunch) because of a holiday.

This was my first experience in a Japanese Language school in Japan. I can’t tell anything about other schools than GenkiJACS. But still then, I would recommend GenkiJACS to everybody who wants to study Japanese in Japan. It’s a fantastic school, with fantastic teachers and a fantastic staff. I’m very grateful for getting such a satisfaction on learning during my three months in Japan.

If I were younger, I would immediately sign up as a one-year visa student at GenkiJACS Fukuoka!

For more information please visit or check their facebookpage

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